What’s to like about Instagram ditching ’likes’ in Canada

Social-media ’influencers’ have much to lose from the headline-grabbing experiment. But they like it. They really like it.

Whose problem is cyberbullying?

A talk between Rona Ambrose and Facebook highlights how, in the debate over who should address cyberbullying, our politicians aren’t doing enough
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Could the Internet have actually saved Monica Lewinsky?

Emma Teitel on why the ’patient zero of online shaming’ may actually have found salvation in the evolution of the web

How safe is sexting?

It’s important to teach teens about the criminality of sexting alongside the topic of consent, and offer guidance, should they choose to do it anyway, according to Planned Parenthood Ottawa
Emma Teitel

Bully for you, free expression for me

Being an online bully is just as easy today as it was 10 years ago, but it’s harder to get away with it, writes Emma Teitel
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Students aren’t the only cyberbullying victims

Cyberbullying is well documented, but research is just beginning on students who abuse teachers online

Cyberbullying, the Supreme Court and the future of Bill C-13

Does a new Supreme Court ruling undermine Ottawa’s effort to fight cyberbullying?

The Interview: The psychology of online abusers

Journalist Paula Todd on online abusers, the joy they get from hurting others—and the rise of adult cyberbullies
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The privacy commissioner and C-13

Scrutiny of a contentious bill