Darrell Dexter

Darrell Dexter

What does Nova Scotia mean for the NDP?

Staring once more into the NDP’s soul
David Alward Darrell Dexter Robert Ghiz Kathy Dunderdale

Nova Scotia election puts Liberals and NDP to the test

Will the October provincial election predict things to come in 2015?

Politicians, pot and problems at the border

Could Canada’s spate of high-profile marijuana admissions spark trouble for those trying to enter the U.S.?
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The Commons: Thomas Mulcair tries to look and sound the part

The NDP leader waxes poetic about "best practices"
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The Halifax bus strike blues brothers

The premier’s brother has been an employee of Halifax Metro Transit for over two decades
Jack Layton

Dance like somebody’s watching

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter has advice for Jack Layton