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How the Munk Debate between Steve Bannon and David Frum should have gone

Opinion: Tabatha Southey envisions ’The Best of All Possible Worlds Wherein the Munk Debates Still Didn’t Figure Out That Inviting Bannon Was A Bad Idea’

The real problem with David Frum debating Steve Bannon

Stephen Maher: Bannon should be challenged over his weak ideas. But the defender of liberalism chosen for this event is Frum, who is not a liberal.
David Frum

David Frum: Donald Trump is a threat to Western democracy

The conservative commentator and author warns that ‘Trump-like events’ are proliferating around the world, not just in Washington
David Frum

David Frum: Why Canada has escaped the ’Trump Effect.’ For now.

Good policy and some luck have allowed Canada to evade the ’Trump Effect’, argues the conservative commentator, but that could change.
Republican National Convention: Day Four

How populism is pulling America’s parties apart

David Frum and Peter Beinart weigh in on the forces transforming both Democrats and Republicans
Trump Organization Inc. CEO Donald Trump Announces Whether He Will Run For President

David Frum on why Donald Trump cannot win

The senior editor of The Atlantic magazine decodes Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric and why Trump is doomed to fail

’A Princess Diana moment’: David Frum on refugees and response

The Canadian-born author tells Evan Solomon why he thinks politicians are failing in their duty to protect, and that Europe should close its harbours
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Are we better off without the Reform Act?

Maybe we are. Unless we aren’t.
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What we’re talking about when we talk about Mark Warawa

We’re talking about abortion, but also Parliament