David Wilks

Who here is the least disgraceful?

The House engages in a rather unedifying hour of democracy

The Commons: Stephen Harper is very sensitive

And Pierre Poilievre calls us all to a higher purpose


The political experience

The Agenda reconvenes its panel of MPs (Peter Braid, now-independent MP Bruce Hyer and now-former MP Bonnie Crombie) and MPPs to discuss life in politics. The case of David Wilks is discussed.


Checking in with David Wilks

The CBC’s Julie Van Dusen runs into Conservative MP David Wilks, he who was briefly concerned about the budget a few weeks ago.

Live: A very long night for a very long bill

Welcome to Aaron Wherry’s live coverage of tonight’s C-38 votes


The duly elected teapot

Tabatha Southey considers the case of David Wilks.


David Wilks clarifies himself

Before releasing his official statement yesterday, David Wilks apparently clarified himself to an audience in Cranbrook.


‘The deficiencies of the power structure’

One thing that might create greater independence for the likes of David Wilks is a relaxation of the confidence convention: the understanding by which a government is said to be defeated. On April 18, 1994, Daphne Jennings, a Reform MP, presented the following motion to the House.


David Wilks becomes a headline

As a result of this story and these videos, the Conservative backbencher gets noticed by the Globe, Star, CBC, Canadian Press, Postmedia and Global.


A Conservative MP lets his guard down (then puts it back up)

My colleague Aaron Wherry has posted here that illuminating, unfiltered video of B.C. Conservative MP David Wilks discussing with unusual candour the government’s omnibus budget bill with a group of his constituents.

‘I wish to clarify my position’

And now a statement from the office of David Wilks.