Democratic convention 2016


Clinton vs. Trump, 100 days out: A tight race, but why?

Policy wonk v. cheddar-faced crypto fascist: How can any American possibly be undecided?
Hillary Clinton

Democratic Convention: Day four in words and photos

Scott Feschuk on the Democrats in Philadelphia

Clinton vs. Trump: Whose speech hit the right note?

The study of language intensity provides one lens to compare the performances of the candidates
DEM 2016 Convention

Hillary Clinton: ’None of us can do it alone’ (transcript)

For the record: Hillary Clinton’s speaking remarks at the Democratic National Convention
Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo to the DNC: ’At stake is the soul of America’

For the record, here’s what Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday at the Democratic National Convention
Hillary Clinton campaigns in North Carolina

The sweetest night of Hillary Clinton’s political career

On the final day of the DNC, Allen Abel crosses the Delaware to the home of Walt Whitman, the poet who once asked ’Who are you who would talk or sing to America?’
Barack Obama

Democratic Convention: Day three in words and photos

Scott Feschuk on the Democrats in Philadelphia
Barack Obama

Barack Obama appeals to the hope and optimism of 2004

Addressing the 2016 Democratic Convention, Obama kept returning to the ideals of his 2004 speech in Boston
Jaime Weinman

Barack Obama makes a pitch for his legacy

What Barack Obama’s political impact says about the Democratic Party—and what may come next
Barack Obama

Obama passes the torch, 12 years after his own was lit

As Barack Obama wields his oratory for Hillary Clinton, his valedictory reveals the audacity of his legacy’s scope