Denise Savoie

The Year of Parliament

Aaron Wherry on 2013: Mark Warawa, Brent Rathgeber, the Reform Act and a tomato analogy


Denise Savoie resigns

The NDP MP for Victoria is retiring. Here is the official news release.


‘We will never stop striving for 100 percent’

Enbridge says it can meet British Columbia’s demands and, with concerns being raised in the United States, releases a statement about its safety record.

Live: A very long night for a very long bill

Welcome to Aaron Wherry’s live coverage of tonight’s C-38 votes

Who will be the next Speaker of the House?

LIVE BLOG: Aaron Wherry reports from the Speaker’s election


For your consideration: Barry Devolin

Next in our series on the prospective speakers, Barry Devolin, the MP for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock. His answers are after the jump.


For your consideration: Denise Savoie

Following Lee Richardson and Bruce Stanton, here are responses from Denise Savoie, the MP for Victoria, to our questions for the prospective speakers.


‘I’m asking my fellow MPs to imagine a Parliament that functions well’

The NDP’s Denise Savoie has officially entered the race to be the next Speaker of the House. From the news release:

An NDP Christmas

NDP MPs gathered for their annual Christmas dinner. Below, Glenn Thibeault.

CPAC reception holds court

CPAC held a reception in the East Block Courtyard. Below, CPAC’s Martin Stringer.


‘Can it be changed, and if so, in what ways?’

A week after the Public Policy Forum’s conference on Question Period, the Canadian Study of Parliament Group will have its own day of discussion. This one will also include Michael Chong, this time along with the NDP’s Denise Savoie and Liberal Glen Pearson.


The QP 20

Michael Chong’s motion on Question Period reform is seconded by no less than 20 MPs. Those seconders include 14 Conservatives (Mike Allen, Dona Cadman, Maxime Bernier, Larry Miller, Gord Brown, Nina Grewal, James Rajotte, John Cummins, Peter Braid, Rick Casson, Greg Thompson, Merv Tweed, Brian Storseth and Bruce Stanton), four Liberals (Frank Valeriote, Martha Hall Findlay, Glen Pearson and Siobhan Coady) and two New Democrats (Denise Savoie and Brian Masse).