Afghan detainees: The final report of the MPCC

The Military Police Complaints Commission has released its final report on the inquiry brought after Amnesty International and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association “alleged a failure on the part of certain Military Police (MP) to investigate the Canadian Task Force Commanders in Afghanistan for directing the transfer of detainees to Afghan authorities in the face of a known risk of torture.”


Absurdity, there and here

The Harper government is disappointed with Hamid Karzai’s demand that all American-held detainees be turned over to Afghan authorities.


Absurdity, here and there

The latest squabble over Afghan detainees, national security and access to information involves hairdos.


Goodbye to the NDS?

An interesting exchange—and perhaps even a straight answer—from Question Period yesterday.


And so we come full circle

John Baird informed the House this morning that detainees in Afghanistan will now be transferred to American forces.


Compelling evidence

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has released a report into the treatment of detainees by Afghan authorities.


Meanwhile, at the Federal Court

A government appeal to limit the scope of an investigation by the Military Police Complaints Commission has been rejected.


CSIS and the NDS

The Security Intelligence Review Committee has released its review of how CSIS handled Afghan detainees and its relationship with Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security.

Reading the documents: Adventures in redaction

Highlights from the recently released Afghan detainee documents


Reading the documents: Notification, policy and concerns

The documents tabled last week can be viewed in their entirety here. Herein, a series of posts on some of the noteworthy files and disclosures contained therein.


This is the week that was

The Conservatives were bashful. And mysterious. And succinct.

Reading the documents: What the detainees said

Some noteworthy files, including memos that detail allegations of mistreatment