Dairy aisle

The neverending war for Canada’s Food Guide

It’s been 10 years since the last revision, and it took two years and 20,000 submissions to overhaul it. And almost nobody will agree with the result.

A naturally picky eater? There’s no such thing.

Fussy eating may be almost entirely learned, and kids would eat everything from Brussels sprouts to broccoli—if we just gave them a chance

The dangers of our protein diet obsession

We’re hooked on chicken, Greek yogourt, hummus. But is our addiction to protein actually making us sick?

If you want it done right, cook it yourself

The new thinking in the war on junky cafeteria food: Get students into the kitchen
Hunger games

Live longer by avoiding hunger games

Eating less, a lot less, may not be the secret to a long life after all
Food And Farm Mad Cow

Big Food companies rush to rejig recipes

Consumers increasingly demand meals that are not only healthier, but more ’natural’
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Burger King tries to conquer women’s hearts

The fast-food chain rolled out a new menu featuring salads, chicken wraps and fruit smoothies
flossing rotator

A Science-ish year in review

Also, pick a topic for the first post of 2012
The how-to guide to going vegan

The how-to guide to going vegan

Try almond milk with your cereal, and remember, ‘broccoli is 30 per cent protein!’