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The question of loyalty by political staffers isn’t cut and dried

The privilege of serving on a campaign bus doesn’t mean you won’t be tossed under it, writes Jennifer Robson

Why do you hate love, Tories?

He could have planned the most romantic election ever, but Dimitri Soudas is gone
Mississauga-Brampton South Conservative candidate Eve Adams defeated Liberal Navdeep Bains.|May 3, 2

All about Eve

From the archives: Eve Adams, Dimitri Soudas and the real story behind the most dizzying show in Canadian politics
Dimitri Soudas

So you want to be a party’s candidate

What to make of the Dimitri Soudas controversy and a rough nomination season?
Paul Wells

Farewell then, Hand-Picked Dimitri Soudas

’This contributes to the feeling Harper’s majority mandate has been snakebit’
Dmitri Soudas

Dimitri Soudas and the PM’s future

Paul Wells on the work awaiting the new executive director of the Conservative Party
Still On Message

Dimitri Soudas stays on message

After nine years with the prime minister, Soudas surely has tales to tell. Getting them is another matter.

Persichilli le non-Québécois

The newest PMO hire suggests the Conservatives are turning their attention toward the great big ethnic stew pot of Toronto