Admiral Art McDonald's Twitter text that ran with this photo: "Conversations on diversity, inclusion, and culture change are not incompatible with our thirst for operational excellence. I count on my senior leaders to champion culture change. Diversity makes us stronger, inclusion improves our institution. We are #StrongerTogether - ArtMcD" (Admiral Art McDonald/Twitter)

The Canadian military: not a picture of diversity

Image of the Week: The chief of defence staff tweeted an uplifting message about the military’s drive for inclusiveness. The photo he included told a different story.
‘We can’t afford to blow this moment,’ Bailey says of the push brought on by Floyd’s death (Photograph by Kwaku Kufuor)

Listen to Donovan Bailey

Twenty-four years ago, the nation was unwilling to hear the Olympic hero’s message. It matters more than ever as Canadians finally confront their country’s own racist history. “We can’t afford to blow this moment," he says.
World Cup of Hockey  2016 – Team Czech Republic v Team Canada

Twitter reacts to Don Cherry’s poppy rant

The hockey commentator made bigoted remarks on national television. What else is new? Here’s what Canadians had to say.
Jagmeet Singh

There is no excuse for mispronouncing Jagmeet Singh’s name

Ishani Nath: Jagmeet Singh is Canada’s first non-white leader of a major political party—yet reporters are still mispronouncing his name

The outliers of Canadian media

Christina Gonzales: The reporting of Trudeau’s blackface shed light on one of Canada’s biggest diversity challenges—there aren’t enough people of colour in journalism

Thank God I could enjoy The Age of Mediocre White Men while it lasted

Scott Gilmore: It’s been a pretty good ride and the authors of our long-delayed demise will likely be two of the whitest and most mediocre of us all
Investment RB08 07 12 07 Announcement of Canadas new govt creates competition policy review panel .

Fact check: Diversity doesn’t make Canadians feel less Canadian

Response to Maxime Bernier has been heated, but a cooler look at research offers better grounds for not fretting about multiculturalism

Andrew Scheer needs to tell Maxime Bernier: put up, shut up, or get out

Opinion: Bernier’s warning about ’radical multiculturalism’ has outraged Canadians, including fellow Tories—and will test Scheer’s leadership of the post-Harper Conservative Party
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Gives Commencement Address At NYU’s Graduation Ceremony

The do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do Prime Minister stars in NYC

Andrew MacDougall: The PM called for political diversity. It would help if he could point to one instance where he’s taken his own advice.

What we mean when we talk about inclusion

We live in the golden age of diversity and inclusion, yet so many still feel so excluded. How did we arrive in this place, and where do we go now?