Don Davies

Don Davies, NDP MP and health critic, speaks during a news conference on blood plasma clinics in Ottawa in November 2016

Is Ottawa studying pharmacare to death?

A new advisory council is set to study national pharmacare. The NDP’s health critic says it’s redundant and ‘kicking the can down the road.’

Bruce Hyer and the case against floor-crossing

Person and party or person above party?

The NDP and CETA

A cabinet minister praises the official opposition

The Commons: The silly and the hallowed

An hour and a half in the life of the House of Commons


The new NDP?

The NDP would like you to know that it doesn’t oppose trade.

The Commons: Not enough time to explain, so don’t bother trying

Gerry Ritz has now taken 50 questions on the travails of XL foods. Still, the opposition seems unsatisfied


The milk wars

The Dairy Farmers of Canada are not impressed with Martha Hall Findlay. The Conservatives at least attempted to register their dismay yesterday, while the New Democrats issued the following release this morning.

Live: A very long night for a very long bill

Welcome to Aaron Wherry’s live coverage of tonight’s C-38 votes


What of the G20 and the largest mass arrest in Canadian history?

Ontario’s Office of the Independent Police Review Director released last week its review of the G20 summit in Toronto. Among other issues, the report notes the federal government’s late announcement of the summit’s location.


C-38: The opposition

Courtesy of YouTube, a selection of opposition speeches in response to the budget bill.

NDP Celebrate 1-year Anniversary of Becoming Official Opposition

NDP gathered in Centre Block on Wednesday..

NDP Convention – scenes from the second day

The NDP chose a new leader over the weekend in dramatic fashion