Don Iveson


Maclean’s in Conversation: Paul Wells sits down with Don Iveson

The mayor of Edmonton joins Maclean’s senior writer Paul Wells to discuss the plethora of challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to cities
Iveson speaks during an announcement that Rogers Communications bought the naming rights for the new hockey arena in Edmonton

The right way to cut politicians’ pay

In Calgary and Edmonton, city councillors’ incomes are linked to their performance, so that everything is automatic, not political

Edmonton’s ’awkward’ response to the racism in its midst

When actor Jesse Lipscombe caught explicit racism on tape, he quickly joined forces with Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson on the #MakeItAwkward campaign

Big cities, little respect: Why Montreal’s pipeline problem is a proxy war

Evan Solomon explains how Denis Coderre’s brouhaha over Energy East shows that Canada’s balance of power is tipping toward long-marginalized city mayors
TORONTO, ON – FEBRUARY 6TH, 2015 – Interview with Edmonton mayor Don Iveson.

The Interview: Edmonton mayor Don Iveson

Don Iveson on why there’s plenty of work available in Edmonton—and why his city is better positioned than Calgary
Danielle Smith

In Alberta politics, it’s out with the wild and in with the mild

Colby Cosh on Danielle Smith’s new ’Mildrose’ identity

Newsmakers this week

Rihanna offends Muslims, a clothing line for chickens and Georges Laraque steps down