The investigation into Donald Trump and Russia: FAQ

From the players to the scenarios that might unfold and bring Trump down, here are answers to some of the big questions about the investigation

What Trump’s troubles mean for the stock market

The past week of political upheaval in Washington has brought volatility to stock markets, raising questions of how markets would respond if the crisis deepens

How many investigations are going on?

The CIA, the FBI and a handful of congressional committees have been looking into links between Trump aides and Russian meddling with the election. And this is early days.

What is the 25th Amendment, and could it be used against Trump?

There’s a second way to remove the president, but it requires a Cabinet Room mutiny

What is a trial in the Senate? 

When it comes to impeachments, the Senate is judge and jury.

Who is Rod Rosenstein?

The deputy attorney general has vaulted into the public conversation. But where does he come from? And what does he stand for?

What happens if Donald Trump resigns?

Here’s who the U.S. President would have to inform (with a simple letter)—and who would be next in the line to take his place

Who is Robert Mueller?

Since being tapped to investigate the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, Robert Mueller has been praised by both parties for his fierce independence

What is a special counsel?

The special counsel will independently investigate any ties between Russia and the Trump election campaign, but the position has its limits

How does impeachment work, and could it happen to Donald Trump?

Impeachment is only the first step in a chain of events that leads to removal from office, but that’s unlikely to be set off any time soon

What will Donald Trump do for the ‘lock her up’ crowd?

Demands to jail Hillary Clinton rang loudly and unchallenged through Trump’s campaign rallies. Now that he’s president-elect, will he carry it out?

What happens to the lawsuits involving a president?

The more legal tangles Trump gets into or can’t escape, the less the rookie politician can focus on serving the people who elected him