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Lucy Maud Montgomery’s agonizing drug addiction

Diaries show the disastrous extent of the ’Anne of Green Gables’ author’s addiction to prescription drugs, as well as parallels to our modern-day opioid crisis

An insider’s guide to recovery for addicts and their families

William Moyers was plucked from the point of no return because his family never gave up
When your doctor is an addict

When your doctor is an addict

Many drugs they prescribe end up in their own system
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The first step is denial

Russia blames NATO policies for its heroin crisis. But is Afghanistan just a scapegoat for a broader problem?
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RCMP and the truth about safe injection sites

The Mounties were set to publicly acknowledge the benefits of projects like the Insite facility. Then they backed away.
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Addicts in the Afghan police force

At training centres, up to 41 per cent have tested positive