Ed Broadbent

Broadbent listens to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh as they tour a farmers market in Ottawa, on Oct. 6, 2019 (CP/Paul Chiasson)

The world needs social democracy now, more than ever

Ed Broadbent: Just as a better world emerged after the Great Depression, we now have an opportunity to create a country that works for all Canadians. Here’s how to do it.

Hey America, this is how you do a leaders debate

As you watch Trump debate Biden you might be wondering if there’s a better way. So we present to you Canada’s iconic and admirable 1984 election debate.
Jagmeet Singh Ed Broadbent

The supposedly ’doomed’ media makes its presence felt in the campaign

Election Image of the Day: The press can seem invisible—until you suddenly see it

Ed Broadbent: Influence, ideas and an unfulfilled quest for power

Maclean’s honours Broadbent with a lifetime achievement award for his invaluable contribution to parliamentary life

Watch the 2016 Progress Summit as it happens

The Broadbent Institute’s annual Progress Summit gathers left-leaning politicos for four days in Ottawa. We’re carrying a livestream.

In conversation with Ed Broadbent at the Progress Summit 2015

Video: The former leader of the NDP in conversation with Maclean’s Aaron Wherry
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How would you like your electoral reform?

New proposals from the chief electoral officer and the minister