Edmonton Oilers

An exhibit from an affidavit filed by Alberta prosecutor Travis Stang as part of a proposed class action lawsuit of Albertans held too long before their bail hearing. In this graphic, the circles represent detainees’ bail packages submitted by Edmonton Police to the provincial bail office, while the squares represent periods of Edmonton Oiler hockey games. (Alberta Public Records)

Were Edmonton police delaying bail-hearing paperwork to watch the Oilers?

An affidavit filed in court strongly suggests it, as the province defends itself against claims it’s been holding suspects too long without giving them a shot at bail
San Jose Sharks v Edmonton Oilers – Game Two

In an Edmonton divorce, who gets custody of the Oilers tickets?

A couple embroiled in divorce proceedings in Edmonton are arguing over suddenly valuable property: Oilers seats
Calgary Scotiabank Saddledome. (Darko Photography/Shutterstock)

In arena talks, Calgary Flames owners spectacularly misread the shot

Calgarians are self-confident enough not to worry that the NHL would abandon them. And unlike Edmonton, the city doesn’t need an arena to revitalize its downtown core
Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton vs. Calgary: A hockey rivalry, but also more than that

Edmonton, armed with the NHL’s next prodigy and a plan to transform downtown, is fully wrapping its civic identity in its Oilers. Not so much in Calgary.
Erie Otters v London Knights

The worst team in hockey wins yet again

Colby Cosh on why the Oilers’ off-ice luck hasn’t brought much on-ice success
Nail Yakupov, Connor Murphy

The Five Hole: Yakupov a league leader in one category

The five things you need to know about hockey if you don’t need to know everything about hockey
MAC06_COSH_ON_HOCKEY01-oilers (1)

The Edmonton Oilers, and the art of falling apart

Being an Oiler fan is an exercise in existential ennui. How can one NHL team be this bad for this long?
Gary Bettman, Bill Daly

The last of the NHL labour wars

Colby Cosh on what hockey can learn from the NBA