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How Hong Kong refugees who sheltered Edward Snowden found a new life in Canada

Two of the ’Snowden refugees’ have a new home in Montreal. What about the others?
U.S. Senator Paul announces candidacy for president during an event in Louisville

Where is Canada’s answer to Rand Paul?

Rand Paul may be one of America’s most divisive politicians, but he’s leading the charge against the Patriot Act. Scott Gilmore on the lessons Canada can learn
Edward Snowden

Newsmaker of the day: Edward Snowden

Newsmaker, Jan. 29: New report obtained by Snowden reveals Canada’s electronic spy agency monitors millions of daily downloads
Facebook-Privacy Vote

When it comes to privacy, what is our threshold for outrage?

Colin Horgan on the sliding scale of privacy
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The sketch: Meta-answers about metadata

CSEC might not be doing anything to worry about, but more oversight might be in order anyway
Edward Snowden

Is it time for parliamentary oversight of CSEC?

The House is seized with new allegations

Newsmakers of 2013: Edward Snowden

He has been called a patriot and a traitor. To Obama, he’s a diplomatic ticking time bomb.