Ellen DeGeneres


Dear Ellen: Seal hunters are people too

An Inuit woman and a Newfoundland artist speak up against the TV star’s anti-seal hunt stance
86th Annual Academy Awards – Arrivals

The Oscars where nobody could pronounce anything

A look back at a show that’s always boring, and yet still lures us in
Bieber boxer rotator

Bieber beats up paparazzo?

Paparazzo sheds every last bit of self-resepect and tells the world he was beaten up by teen heartthrob
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REVIEW: Seriously...I’m kidding

Book by Ellen DeGeneres
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Angelina Jolie offends her Bosnian sisters, Stieg Larsson’s missing book, and a new memorial for Terry Fox
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What to do if your kid says, ‘I’m gay’

Parents who believe homosexuality is biologically determined tend to cope better
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A Botox backlash in Hollywood, Alanis Morissette on Alanis Morissette Day, and is Wyclef Jean shafting Haiti’s poor?
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Entertainment Edition:

The season’s golden girls, bad boys, and red-carpet rebels
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How news-savvy are you?

Who’s known as the "devil’s spawn"? What do you know about "Fatgate"? Take our spring Newsmakers quiz.
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Late-night is for frat boys only

Women are a big part of the audience, so why don’t hosts like Jay Leno hire any as writers?