Elliot Lake mall

Bob Nazarian

Elliot Lake mall owner targeted by police

Search warrants filed in court identify Bob Nazarian as a key ‘suspect’ in the roof-collapse criminal investigation
Dalton McGuinty

Elliot Lake inquiry: Did one victim die while waiting for rescue?

Commissioner Paul Bélanger says ’it is probable (although by no means certain)’ Lucie Aylwin survived for up to 39 hours
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Elliot Lake mall survivor did not live to see final report

John Marceau knew how narrowly he cheated death, but didn’t waste a lot of time thinking about it.
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New evidence emerges in the Elliot Lake mall collapse

The $20-million, two-year inquiry into the deadly mall disaster may now hinge on an anonymous tipster
Dalton McGuinty

Elliot Lake mall engineer asks for preview of report on the tragedy

Facing three criminal charges, Robert Wood worries the inquiry’s conclusions could taint potential jurors
Bob Nazarian

On the stand in Elliot Lake, owner of mall says it was doomed from start

Bob Nazarian may not deserve all the blame, but he’s certainly no victim, as Michael Friscolanti explains

One step from death

Elliot Lake haunted by close calls, fateful decisions and ‘what-ifs’
Elliot Lake

Chilling new video reveals exactly what happened at the Elliot Lake Mall

Part surveillance footage, part digital reenactment, it may provide the best explanation yet as to why the roof collapsed
Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

Maryland abolishes the death penalty and the UN celebrates the first ’international day of happiness’

Elliot Lake: How could so many engineers be so wrong?

A damning new report—including an animated recreation of the collapse—emerges at the public inquiry