Emma Thompson

“The Meyerowitz Stories” Photocall – The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Speed-dating the stars: talking life, death, and anything but movies

In interviews with The Meyerowitz Stories’ Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller and Emma Thompson, the stars riff on family, art and happiness
Germany Berlin Film Festival 2016

Emma Thompson takes the 60-Second Challenge

What’s the best advice Emma Thompson has ever received? What item can’t she do without? What’s her worst habit? She answers all of that and more in just one minute.

TIFF in photos: Thompson, Brosnan and Bening

Kara Dillon’s TIFF 2013 photo diary, Day 8
An Education

Opening Weekend: Carey Mulligan shines in ’An Education’

This Brit ingénue brings a glimmer of Audrey Hepburn to her star-making role in a Pygmalion tale
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Newsmakers: A is for Atlas

From the Summer ’09 Newsmakers family edition

Opening Weekend: When is a motion picture truly ’important’?

Film reviews of ’Defiance,’ ’The Class’ (’Entre les murs’) and ’Last Chance Harvey’