The universities most likely to prepare you for employment

We asked nearly 24,000 students across the country whether their university education is preparing them for a job. The top schools may surprise you

How companies can close the pay equity gap in nine simple steps

With new legislation coming, employers need to crunch the numbers—and then deal with any problems. Practical advice for making a change.

More older Canadians choose to keep working, census finds

Over 53 per cent of men and 38 of women aged 65 or older were working in some form in 2015 – considerably more than were doing so in 1995
U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops To 4.3 Percent, Lowest Level In 16 Years

Canada’s job market still shows weakness below the surface

Econo-metrics: Wage growth may finally be improving, but the Bank of Canada will need to see a lot more of that before it raises rates again
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Charleston, WV

Donald Trump’s make-believe economy

His verbal nonsense is turning the U.S. into a version of China—a place where little of what officialdom says about the economy can be trusted
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Canada’s job recovery gets real

Econo-metric: There was very little not to like about Canada’s latest employment report, which saw 55,000 net new jobs created in May

Minimum wage in Canada: By the numbers

Who pays what where and how it breaks down across the workforce
Stephen Poloz

Pressure is growing for the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz insists the economy is weaker than it appears, but that argument is now in trouble
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Goods and services: Canada’s other two-speed economy

Canada’s service sector is churning out jobs while goods sectors, like manufacturing and the energy industry, continue to falter. That’s not a bad thing.

75 charts every Canadian should watch in 2017

Maclean’s presents its third annual chartstravaganza to help make sense of the Canadian economy in the year ahead