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Parts of southern Ontario could see an ice storm this weekend

A special weather statement issued by Environment Canada warns of a potential ice storm after temperatures as warm as 16 C on Thursday
Snow in Vancouver 20170203

These stats show how bad Vancouver’s winter has been

More snow has fallen in Vancouver than in some of Canada’s coldest cities, not that those in the rest of the country have much pity for Lotusland
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Un-muzzle the scientists? Not so fast.

Those with the lab coats do not have a monopoly on evidence
Oil Sands 20120710

How not to be fooled by statements on emission ’reductions’

Andrew Leach explains, with the help of chicken wings and beer
Jim Flaherty

The quiet cuts

Scientific research at Environment Canada takes a hit
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Would Canadians support a carbon tax?

Maybe. But if it were that easy, Stephane Dion would be PM
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Environment Canada report warns of oilsands concerns

’Secret’ presentation calls contamination of Athabasca River ’a high-profile concern’