Trudeau holds a harvesting knife as he harvests food at the Ottawa Food Bank Farm in Ottawa, on July 1, 2020 (CP/Justin Tang)

Prime Minister, how much broccoli did your family eat? In detail!

Marie-Danielle Smith: The PM appeared before committee for the first time. Here is an approximation of what happened, in language we can all understand.

Watch Canadians grill Trudeau over ethics and pot legalization

Justin Trudeau faced tough questions at his first town-hall event of the year in Sackville, N.S., where he had to defend the ethics of his vacation with the Aga Khan, legalization of marijuana and Ottawa’s position on ALS treatments.

Is Canada ready for the radical change artificial intelligence will unleash?

Orwellian scenarios involving AI are closer than most people realize, spawning a tense debate: how far AI should be allowed to go?

Peter Penashue resigns over ‘ineligible donations’

The Conservative quits cabinet and will run in a by-election


Appealing to the CRTC

Jim Flaherty blames an “oversight” for the fact that his ministerial title was included in his letter to the CRTC. The Globe finds two parliamentary secretaries who wrote to the CRTC with their titles noted and, with various backbench and opposition MPs writing to the CRTC, Duff Conacher wonders why any MPs are allowed to write such letters.

Universities shouldn’t invest in unethical companies

An environmentalist argues in favour of divestment

Ethical investing isn’t as easy as it sounds

Prof. Pettigrew on why universities can’t divest


Is this the worst professor ever?

Students say prof skipped class for two semesters


Idea alert

Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson wonders whether we might need a code of conduct for MPs.


University took $200,000 from tobacco firm

Donation funds scholarships for Afghan women


Ethics class at Philadelphia university featured strippers

Professor suspended while school investigates

Good work at times

Good work, at times

The economy is adding nearly twice as many part-time jobs and full-time ones