European Union

Germany Parliament

Europe braces for damaging continental rift

Ben Woodfinden: The seemingly unstoppable ascendance of nativist and populist parties has set up a renewed crisis of confidence in Europe’s future

The spectre of bad internet laws in Europe should be a warning shot for Canadians

Opinion: The European Union could soon adopt a slew of restrictive copyright regulations—while Canada, often informed by Europe’s policies, considers its own reforms

Trump trashing NATO isn’t important—what the alliance does next is

Scott Gilmore: Washington has dropped the ball, but Canada and the EU is capable of picking it up and making this summit a milestone in history
Snapchat : Illustration

Why the federal consultations on digital strategy matter: Exhibit A

When it comes to protecting digital privacy, Canada has fallen behind the EU and—as I learned the hard way—Twitter

6 questions Mark Zuckerberg avoided at his European Parliament testimony

The Facebook CEO spent just 15 minutes answering questions after he asked MEPs to list all their questions first.
Yachts are seen during sunset in Panama City

It’s time to address the double standard about tax havens

Opinion: If countries really want to get tough on tax avoidance, they should stop picking on small nations and call out close allies, instead

Brexit is about to begin. Here’s what you need to know.

Five questions – and five answers – to help you understand what Britain’s exit from the European Union might mean
Britain Brexit Theresa May

Amid the fog of Brexit, Scotland makes an independence play

As Theresa May prepares for the fight of her political life, the impact of Brexit on the U.K. remains a huge question mark

The view from Wallonia and its backlash against CETA

On the ground in the capital city of Namur, Wallonians reflect on the region’s economic decline and why it blocked the CETA trade agreement with Canada
Hungarian migrant quota referendum in Budapest

Hungary: A new threat to the EU

Viktor Orban—an anti-immigration nationalist who wants to make his country great again—is reshaping Hungary.