Learning to say ‘you’re fired’ in Europe

European countries have choked their job markets with outdated labour laws and mountains of red tape

Your Friday economic pick-me-up

March 6: Just joking! As part-time work outpaces full-time jobs, Canadians are racking up the household debt, and fast. Plus, Super Bowl ads and eurozone optimism

The ECB has pulled the trigger, but will the bazooka blow?

Jan. 25: The first weekend playbook, and the big question this week: now that the eurozone has committed to quantitative easing, will it work?

How low can oil go?

Your financial and economic news for December 12

Why power suits Angela Merkel

With a firm economy and weak opponents, the muted Angela Merkel may be Europe’s most powerful leader

Europe is back!?!

Help for the Canadian economy? Yes, from Europe.

The eurozone recovery is shaky, but it’s still a big deal


Eurozone exits recession as economy grows 0.3 pct in 2nd quarter

MADRID – Minube, a travel startup on the outskirts of Madrid, is doing something that many Spanish companies haven’t thought about for years: It’s hiring.

Worse than Greece?

An economy worse than Greece?

While eurozone nations tighten their belts, America may face the bleaker future as its debt troubles pile up


‘It’s not just a mantra’

Stephen Harper sat down with Peter Mansbridge and the CBC has the video and transcript. The Globe, Canadian Press and Postmedia review the highlights.


EU leaders propose ‘banking union’

The European Commission is proposing the creation of a “banking union” and a common insurance fund that would allow the EU to absorb bank failures, the Wall Street Journal reports.


EU dodges recession; Greece stumbles toward new vote

The EU and the Eurozone narrowly dodged a second recession in three years, with better than expected growth in Germany masking continuing weakness elsewhere on the continent.


Free advice from Jim Flaherty

The Finance Minister may have been told to stop dumping on the Ontario government, but he apparently remains free to lecture Europe.