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Humans’ capacity for culture is the key to our success, an anthropologist argues

For Robert Boyd, the evolution of our culture is as biological—and critical—as the evolution of our pelvises
B0004164 Neurons in the brain – illustration

How socializing led proto-humans to develop language and culture

Evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar describes how the growing social brain changed humans

Feschuk: The latest breaking news! (From eons ago)

Science discovers ancient secrets of sex, violence and primates who loved too much

How cities are making our rats smarter and spiders bigger

The wildlife around us are evolving to adapt to life in the big city

We are all Neanderthal

At least partly, as testing on ancient bones and modern humans is now revealing

Evolution’s forgotten man

London aims to make Alfred Wallace, Charles Darwin’s overshadowed partner, a household name
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Learning to the sound of rap

What a white rapper from Vancouver can teach M.B.A. students about risk-taking
It came from planet Earth

Will colonizing meteorites and asteroids with bacteria one day save life as we know it?

Panspermia is meant to maintain Earth’s evolutionary path
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Does technology speed up human evolution?

Nobel prize winner studies technology’s impact on the human body and our lifespans