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Canada’s Best Universities by Student-Faculty Ratio: Rankings 2023

This measure reflects students’ access to professors
Man and woman in lab coats looking at test tube holders

Canada’s Best Universities by Faculty Awards: Rankings 2023

Maclean’s tracks faculty achievement at winning national awards
St. Francis Xavier strike

UNB professor thinks faculty should never strike

Prof. Pettigrew on why walking the picket line is justified

Professor accountability sounds good but won’t work

Prof. Pettigrew: You’ll just need to trust us.
dalhousie campus

Dalhousie strike could get ugly

If profs walk on Saturday, it may be worse than usual
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Not so left-wing after all

Study finds Canadian professors hold moderate political views

Gender gap narrows among professors

Female academics earn between 0.8% and 4.5% less than males
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More women professors at MIT

Science and engineering faculties have become more welcoming
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Mount Allison finalizes deal with faculty union

Board of Regents, faculty ratify agreement
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U of O professors accuse Tories of witchhunt

Mendes and Attaran’s personal information is anonymously requested