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Doug Ford

Why Doug Ford and Jason Kenney are treating the media as enemies

The Trump-style drive to undermine confidence in the press has made its way to Canada. And it’s showing signs of success
Wall of old TV screens

Fake news is about to evolve into something even more dangerous

Opinion: As technology advances, we will need a rigorous knowledge of history more than ever. But that’s now under assault—and things will get worse in 2018
Facebook-Visual Posts

Why we need to regulate social media – before it’s too late

Opinion: Governments and citizens should consider the lack of oversight into how tech companies shape speech rights
Hillary Clinton Discusses Her New Book In Washington, DC

Fake news? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Scott Gilmore: Public confidence in media, business, government and other institutions is already at an all-time low. New technology is set to make truth even harder to discern.
The sun rises behind the entrance sign to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park before the company’s IPO launch,

Can Facebook’s misinformation problem be fixed?

Facebook admits it responded to ’information operations’ during the 2016 election. Will the site ever rid itself of distorted information?
Facebook-Visual Posts

The problem with Facebook’s plan to teach you how to read news

Facebook is rolling out a new feature to help Canadian users think critically about news, but it’s not clear the company can it fix the mess of ’fake news’ it helped create
Chrystia Freeland,

How Russia’s attack on Freeland got traction in Canada

Terry Glavin traces Moscow’s "Nazi-grandfather" calumny through a maze of cranks, propagandists and Putin fanciers—to Canada’s mainstream media
Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s unhinged press conference

The scene was dangerously overcrowded and America’s President-elect was irritable, long on rant and short on revelation
Nick Kouvalis

Inside Nick Kouvalis’s fake news strategy

Leitch’s campaign manager calls it ’Operation Flytrap’—his plan to root out anyone joining the Tories just to oppose his candidate
Jaime Weinman

Lessons from a week of fake news

Jaime Weinman spent a week steeping himself in a world flush with fake news. Here’s what he learned.