fawzia koofi

Fawzia Koofi on Afghanistan’s fragile future

The parliamentarian and women’s rights advocate hopes for peaceful elections


Taliban publicly execute a woman accused of adultery, or possibly guilty of being raped by Talibs

Those calling for Canada and other outside forces to quit Afghanistan should at least acknowledge who’s waiting to take our place:

The price of peace with the Taliban

The prospect of a negotiated end to the war is increasingly tantalizing


The cost of a peace deal in Afghanistan

My second article from Afghanistan is about Afghans opposed to President Hamid Karzai’s Western-backed efforts to reconcile with the Taliban.



A roundup of stuff I’ve written recently, here and there:

Listening to Afghans

Andrew Potter on the one book about Afghanistan Stephen Harper should be reading


Fawzia Koofi in Toronto

It’s my pleasure and privilege to be the emcee for the Toronto launch tonight of Fawzia Koofi’s book, Letters to My Daughters. It is hosted by the Toronto Chapter of the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee in conjunction with the Consulate of Afghanistan (Toronto) and Canadians in Support of Afghan Women, and takes place at the Taj Banquet Hall 4611-4619 Steeles Avenue. Yes, it’s very far; things will get cooking around 6:30 or so.