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Western separatism has been cooling despite Trudeau’s re-election: poll

A newly released survey suggests more Albertans looked favourably on the rest of Canada than a year earlier—and that was before COVID struck

The stubborn state of federalism in Canada

When federal and provincial governments clash, there’s usually at least a desire to make progress. Not this time.
Francois Legault, Justin Trudeau,  Blaine Higgs,

Trudeau and the premiers, moving forward together

Paul Wells: In Montreal, a glimpse of Trudeau federalism—everyone gets to ’agree to disagree’ and it’s enough to hold ’real substantive discussions.’ Easy.

In its ’free-the-beer’ ruling, the Supreme Court reveals its contradictions

Opinion: The Supreme Court—neutered by politics—delivers a craven, logically inconsistent decision on Gerard Comeau’s cross-border alcohol fight

The Kinder Morgan spat is an intractable slog—but it’s also democracy in action

Opinion: The Kinder Morgan pipeline battle doesn’t represent a failure of democracy, federalism, or the rule of law—it’s the system doing what it’s meant to do
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Three modest reforms can restore Canada’s democratic architecture

How independently minded parliamentarians, more powerful e-petitions and a strengthened Library of Parliament could revitalize our democracy
First Nations trek

Why Canadian federalism is bigger than Ottawa and the provinces

The fathers of confederation left cities and Indigenous voices on the outside looking in. It’s long past time to change that relationship.
Peace Tower

How will Trudeau’s pan-Canadian plans survive the new federalism?

The Maclean’s editorial: Ottawa can no longer expect to be the dominant partner in any national plan
It’s time for the premiers to step into the leadership void

Time for premiers to step into void

Provinces must lead on economic as well as social policy