How to find college scholarships

Seven tips for finding money to help pay for your college education.

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How to stay on top of finances in college

Tuition, ancillary fees, due dates, drop dates—paying for college has its own vocabulary. Here are 10 tips for staying on top of the bills and keeping costs down.

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Osheaga co-founder Nick Farkas has a thing for string lights

See what else Farkas splurged on in the lead-up to the festival’s return

budgeting tips (Illustration by Sam Island)

9 budgeting tips for university students

Hooray! You made it to university and you get to decide which courses to take, which clubs to join and what to eat for dinner. Also: how much money to spend.

The Queen already has her financial house in order

Why the finger pointing around royal expenses is misdirected


Half of Canadians are worried about their finances

The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants has released a new survey on the state of Canadian household finances and depending on whether you’re a glass-half-full kind of person or the pessimistic type, you can take the results as a sign that Canadians have a pretty good a handle on our money, or that our household debt problem isn’t getting any better.

Student union still won’t publish its budget

Students currently need to meet with the VP Finance to see details

Invest in yourself— it pays dividends

Invest in yourself— it pays dividends

The high cost of a university education has led to questions about its reliability as an investment

Swan song for music therapy at Windsor

Tiny program is too expensive: Dean of Arts

Queen’s President: quality has been “compromised”

“Unthinkable” to be compared to Waterloo, McMaster, Guelph


Tory proposes $20,000 for students who stay in province

Interprovincial competition for graduates heats up


Hard-hitting loans

Cash-strapped NFL players appear to be attracting a swarm of vulture lenders