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Will the Liberals be able to live with themselves if they lose the popular vote, but form government? History suggests they’ll be fine.

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The debate is already bitterly divided, with both sides claiming the other’s system opens the door to extremists
Dominic LeBlanc

Trudeau’s pointman in the House on electoral reform

After promising legislation in 18 months to reform first past the post, Dominic LeBlanc says change ’should be done by consensus’
A voter casts her ballot at a polling station in Quebec City

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The Liberal position on electoral reform is ill-advised, hypocritical and needs to be put to a public vote

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Electoral reforms are coming. Two staffers who worked for Stephen Harper examine how to build a centre-right coalition that would thrive under any system.

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What the election results might have been...

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First-past-the-post systems are proving remarkably durable