fiscal update

Freeland speaks about the fiscal update during a news conference in Ottawa on Nov. 30, 2020 (CP/Adrian Wyld)

The fiscal update: We are in for a hard winter

Shannon Proudfoot: Enormous quantities of money will be spilled to try and get Canada through the coming months and, maybe, into a shiny spring

Ottawa has boosted benefits, but too many are still not getting them

Red tape and confusing applications get in the way of payouts, which means a big chunk of federal benefits go unclaimed

Bill Morneau has a good news story to tell—if anyone’s listening

A positive update on Canada’s economy is overshadowed by the finance minister’s credibility deficit


A retrospective

May 26, 2006. Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he plans to introduce a bill to set fixed dates for federal elections, as part of a wider movement towards democratic reform. “Fixed election dates stop leaders from trying to manipulate the calendar,” Harper told reporters in Victoria, B.C. on Friday. “They level the playing field for all parties.”


A note from the Parliamentary Budget Office: So, about that fiscal update …

2008 Economic and Fiscal Statement: Key Issues for Parliamentarians (December 1, 2008):


The Big Mess of ’08



I got your stimulus right here

In today’s Financial Post, Jackie Thorpe provides some much-needed perspective on the current debate in Ottawa over the Conservatives’ fiscal update, and specifically the need for a stimulus package to save the economy.


The case for change

Aaron Wherry proposes Rob Oliphant’s speech, in which the Liberal MP excoriated the government for misrepresenting the economy on the campaign trail, as a potential eulogy for Stephen Harper’s Tories. Said Oliphant:


One emergency at a time, please

Must-reads: John Ivison, Chantal Hébert, Dan Gardner, Jeffrey Simpson and Thomas Walkom, on the fiscal update.


Bring on that fiscal update!

Flaherty to opposition parties: Next Thursday. 4pm. House of Commons. Be there.