floor crossing

Is a ban on floor-crossing politicians unconstitutional?

Former federal minister Steven Fletcher says a Manitoba law banning the practice infringes on his freedoms—and the rights of his constituents

Bruce Hyer and the case against floor-crossing

Person and party or person above party?

Notes on a floor-crossing

Considering the case of Claude Patry

10 more things you need to know about the Alberta election

NDP leader Brian Mason’s first words on reaching the podium? “The phone booth just doubled!”


You remain free to move about the House

Private Members’ Bill C-306, which would have forced MPs to run in a by-election before switching party allegiance, was defeated last night by a count 181-91.


The House: The meaning of Lise St-Denis

Once more to our periodic series on the House of Commons.


Party, leader and person

The NDP deems Lise St. Denis’ defection an insult to democracy and challenges her to a duel by-election. Ian Capstick, while taking no issue with the general notion of floor-crossing, takes issue with Ms. St. Denis’ explanation.

The Commons: Lise St. Denis’ day

‘I wasn’t an NDP member, I was a member elected to represent all people in my riding’


Ask permission before crossing the floor

The private members’ bill set to be debated tomorrow is C-306, put forward by Mathieu Ravignat, the NDP MP for Pontiac.


The relevance of the individual

Jeff Jedras argues against a proposed ban on floor crossing.


Idea alert

The NDP’s Peter Stoffer is going to try again to ban floor crossing.

Love the one you’re with

Why the Larry O’Brien trial might have politicians thinking twice about switching sides