food trends

Goats feeding at Teal’s Meats in Waterford, Ontario on January 23, 2017.

Can goat meat hoof its way to the culinary forefront?

Goat is enviably healthy, rich in iron and protein, tender in a braise, and popular in the developing world. Why is it so hard to get in North America?
Whey. (Photograph by Reena Newman)

A whey-out idea, coming to a restaurant near you

Chefs and a vodka maker are turning whey—essentially dairy waste water—into a food and drink delight
Beets and Grapefruit from Planta in Toronto. (Photograph by Chris Robinson)

The mighty vegetable is taking hold in a cooking revolution

The vegetable is leading one of the most important evolutions in haute cooking in decades
A turmeric latte. (Photograph by Liam Mogan)

Why everyone is turning to turmeric

Coffee substitute, vodka infuser, fashion muse: Is there anything turmeric can’t do?
Roasted cauliflower dish at Fat Pasha. Photograph by Reena Newman

The wild food trends of 2015

Game and foraged ingredients join the versatile cauliflower on 2015’s tasting menus
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Video: Jim Gaffigan puts food trends to the test

The stand-up comedian and experienced ’eatie’ explains what’s a food fad and what’s here to stay

An organish, artisan-inspired, fintage treat

Scott Feschuk makes some ’Artisan Inspired’ toast

What’s hot? Sriracha

Behind the growing demand for fiery food
Just the right degree of rot

’It’s not what’s cooking but what’s fermenting’

Jacob Richler on the newest trend in restaurants

Dig in to 2013

One of the best things about food? Reading about it.