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Alta-NWT-Fire 20230815

“It’s like going off to war”: This man is helping evacuate fire-plagued Yellowknife

“Northerners are the toughest people on the planet, and we come together in a crisis”
Matthew Gates – Drone primarily house

The Move: Burned out in B.C.

“My doctor told me that, at that time, breathing the Okanagan air was the equivalent of smoking two packs of cigarettes a day”

Climate change is making wildfires in Canada bigger, hotter and more dangerous

In B.C., Alberta and beyond, forest fires are getting larger and way more difficult to handle. Get used to it.

Is Canada ready for the next big wildfire?

Edward Struzik: The California fires are a harbinger of things to come in Canada—the risks are extreme, and we’re fighting the blazes with old strategies
Alta Wildfires 20160507

Q&A: What you need to know about the science of forest fires

How do fires jump over bodies of water? Is there any ecological upside to the devastation? Fire behaviour expert Tim Lynham answers all questions

Scott Gilmore: The horror of forest fires is roaring back

Our forests are burning more than ever before, even if an increasingly urban Canada hasn’t been paying attention
Anne Kingston

How did Fort McMurray get out alive?

’They were ready,’ says one fire expert who knows firsthand what it’s like to fight an unpredictable wildfire
Peace Tower

Why didn’t Trudeau want to link the Fort Mac fire to climate change?

Justin Trudeau doesn’t like the link, but it’s hard to refute—and it’s hardly political to raise it

The plane that could help save B.C. from forest fires

Meet the Martin Mars water bomber: A Second World War-era vintage craft that costs $10,000 per hour to fly, and is being called into action in B.C.

What’s behind Western Canada’s forest fire outbreak?

Lightning may be a factor in the forest fires raging in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, but the worst blazes are often man-made