Fort McMurray fire


Long after the fire, Fort McMurray residents are still battling insurance companies

But they’ve got an unlikely ally—a savvy, ’unpaid representative’ who is giving beleaguered homeowners a fighting chance against stingy insurers
Alta Wildfire Evacuation

Why Fort McMurray residents were the real heroes of the fire crisis

Courage, compassion and blind luck helped ensure no one died in the flames, two reports suggest. Organization? Not so much.
Darby Allen

Newsmakers of the Year: Fort McMurray fire chief Darby Allen

As wildfires devastated Fort McMurray, Darby Allen became the face of ’fighting the beast’
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The class of 2016 and the fire that changed everything

When wildfire ravaged Fort McMurray, the class of 2016 fled with their city, leaving prom behind—as well as the future they thought they had

Scarred, but spared: A Fort McMurray family returns home

A family returns to Stonecreek to find their home largely untouched—despite being surrounded by devastation
James Turingan, Russell Boston

Return to Fort McMurray: The long journey to a new normal

Jason Markusoff joins Fort McMurray residents as the first ones make their way back to the homes they fled in the face of fire

After the fire: One last boom in Fort McMurray?

The rebuilding effort will bring a mad rush of activity to Fort McMurray. It can’t come soon enough.

Re-entry day, June 1: What Fort McMurray will look like

From the haze and smoke to toxic fridges and lack of drinking water, it will not just be emotion and relief that overwhelm returning residents

Rapid-Fire Politics: Transgender rights, assisted death, Fort Mac fires

Evan Solomon looks ahead to a transgender rights bill poised to pass into law and a bill on doctor-assisted death that might not. He also keeps an eye on the Fort McMurray fires that are only getting bigger.

What’s driving the rebound in oil prices?

And more importantly, how long will higher oil prices last?