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The library is open—to Meghan Murphy and everyone else

Image of the Day: A target of trans-rights activists speaks her piece, and the Toronto Public Library makes good on its commitment to the ’widest diversity of opinions and perspectives’

The spectre of bad internet laws in Europe should be a warning shot for Canadians

Opinion: The European Union could soon adopt a slew of restrictive copyright regulations—while Canada, often informed by Europe’s policies, considers its own reforms
Barbara Amiel

Islamists won’t kill free speech—we will

’In my view there is no media outlet in Canada brave enough to allow a full and proper discussion of Islam’
Emma Teitel

Bully for you, free expression for me

Being an online bully is just as easy today as it was 10 years ago, but it’s harder to get away with it, writes Emma Teitel
Woodward 1

Queen’s pulls down student’s underwear

Artwork deemed "inappropriate" for donor event
rick ross

Students debate funding of controversial rappers

Rick Ross gets cancelled but Tyga performs
Lorna Pardy

The Boissoin human-rights case—10 years in

As a piece of comedy, the Red Deer preacher’s letter to the ’Advocate’ has held up surprisingly well
Missing image

Students’ Charter rights weren’t breached: court

Carleton had anti-abortion protesters arrested in 2010
William Swinimer, John Swinimer

Not that stupid Jesus T-shirt again

Public School is not the Public Square, and William Swiminer should retire his t-shirt once and for all
jesus on the cross

Shirt storm brewing in Nova Scotia

Let the kid wear his offensive Jesus shirt: Pettigrew