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Supporters gather to rally with Trump in Minneapolis

Donald Trump is a threat to the press and to freedom of speech

Trump’s impulse to dismiss the press as biased and propagandistic is authoritarian at its core
Emma Teitel

Here’s the thing about free speech: It’s not absolute.

The misconception that freedom of speech is absolute is most prevalent on the Internet, writes Emma Teitel
Condoleezza Rice

List of cancelled grad speakers grows

"Universities need to grow a spine and stand up for free expression," says advocate

Cop cuts ties with Carleton over class speaker

Ontario Civil Liberties Association sees attempt to silence criticism of policing
Carleton Lifeline

University of Victoria sued over pro-life censorship

BC Civil Liberties Association defends club’s free speech
Carleton Students for Liberty

Half of Canadian universities fail at free speech: report

Abortion, Israel and men’s issues are hot topics on campus
Woodward 1

Queen’s pulls down student’s underwear

Artwork deemed "inappropriate" for donor event
Drawing the line

Drawing a line: the political power of cartoonists in Iran

Why cartoonists are proving to be a powerful force in one of the world’s most repressive regimes
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Free speech at Queen’s, White Student Union & Bill Clinton

What students are talking about today (April 4th)