Black (right), with her mother, Lynn Black, moves into residence at Wilfrid Laurier (Photograph by Alex Jacobs-Blum)

How Canadian universities are welcoming their freshmen during a pandemic

Roaming around campus, getting to know dorm mates—these are rites of passage for first-year students. So how do they settle in when they have to socially distance?
dorm room. (Rilueda/istock)

What to Pack for Your University Dorm Room: The Best on a Budget

Fourteen of the best-reviewed, most practical picks for your new home (plus, one bonus we couldn’t resist)
high school

Your high school teachers are wrong

Five reasons why university is a happy place
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Facebook holds first-years hostage

British college uses Facebook as a retention tool, claims a “significant improvement in retention”
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Pick classes with the most girls

Careful analysis might not be the best way to design your university career
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Starting university - it’s just like summer camp!

Six tips to start your year off right
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Crossing the country for freedom

Students moving away for university often cite more freedom as a motivator - but what does this really mean?
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No longer a newbie

It’s official. I’m now a Yellow Shirt
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BC government cuts $16 million in education funding

Last-minute cuts incense hundreds of students

Being yourself is important... and maybe impossible

Important - and extremely challenging - advice for Freshman (and everyone else)