Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s cash-for-access ’window dressing’

A lawyer and ethics expert on why proposed rule changes to cash-for-access events may not make much of a difference
Justin Trudeau

When it comes to fundraising rules, it’s the wild west in Ottawa

There are rules from the Harper era that offer some guidance out of the Liberals’ fundraising mess. But there is no sheriff—and that’s a problem.
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Federal parties offer fundraising freebies

Want a frenzy in your inbox? A free T-shirt? Give a federal party your email. Better yet, give it to all of them.
Stephen Harper

Who’s raised what in the federal fundraising game

Hard work is part of any campaign — but so is cold, hard cash
Stephen Harper 300

Follow the money

Politics is largely about the benjamins
Duffy 445×290

Mike Duffy says hello to Canada

A personalized Conservative fundraising campaign from 2009 makes a comeback

Follow the money

The latest fundraising totals for the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP

People like giving money to the Conservative party

The second quarter fundraising results

This is your politics on drugs

The Conservatives see an opportunity to make some money