Gabor Lukacs

researchers lab coats

New site aims to keep academics honest

"Little Office" hopes to have a big impact
professor alone

Lessons from Lukács

How the traditional university is under attack from all sides
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Lukács and University of Manitoba reach deal

Prof. tried to fight award of PhD to student who failed exams
thesis commitee

Prof. removed from U of M thesis committee

Student passed despite "fundamental errors" says prof.

Lukács decision a blow to academic integrity: Pettigrew

Professor protested PhD of student who failed exam
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McGill sets bad example on integrity

Barbara Sherwin got off easy
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Student never complained about alleged harassment

Prof. was suspended after questioning failing student’s PhD
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Manitoba president says prof harassed student

Prof. protested awarding of PhD to student who failed twice
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Lukács denied salary increase

Math prof says he is being punished for taking UManitoba to court over academic standards
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There was no ’muzzle order’ against Lukacs

Court reserves decision on whether lawsuit can be heard