Garth Drabinsky

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

8 Broadway musicals that appeared in Canada first

Starring Robert Goulet, Elizabeth Taylor and, well, Garth Drabinsky
The real festival stars

The real festival stars

Now that the circus act has left Toronto, our critic picks the films that are bound for glory

Does Drabinsky’s sentence send the intended signal?

Livent was Canada’s highest-profile fraud—and its founders had to know this was the best possible ending

The final curtain

Garth Drabinsky’s sentencing hearing began today. But the show could be far from over.
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Garth Drabinsky’s fatal flaw

He created his own rules, but even great shows must come to an end

How did Garth Drabinsky get here?

The former Broadway impresario was convicted of fraud. We take a look back.
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The Drabinsky Verdict

Livent founders found guilty of fraud and forgery