Geoff Regan

Geoff Regan takes on heckling. Good luck with that, Mr. Speaker.

Many have tried to kill heckling in the House. All have failed.

Interview: Speaker Geoff Regan on maintaining order in the House

Geoff Regan, the newly elected Speaker of the House of Commons, talks about his new role and his hopes for maintaining a new tone in Parliament

A new Speaker of the House for a new kind of Parliament?

Geoff Regan is now the Speaker of the House. What impact will he have—or can he have—on how parliamentary work is done?

The Commons: Jim Flaherty toasts his fine work

The deficit will be eliminated. Somehow.


What they said about the F-35

The Harper government announced its decision to acquire the F-35 in July 2010. The House was on break at the time and did not resume sitting until September 20 of that year.

The Liberals jump on the cellphone airwaves bandwagon

Once consumers embraced the idea of a set-aside, politicians followed suit


This is the week that was

We tried to save the House of Commons.


You can’t ask that here

On the requirement that questions concern the “administrative responsibility” of government, the Speaker now seems to be taking a strict stance. Yesterday, for instance, he ruled the following, from Liberal MP Geoff Regan, out of order.


Choose your own position

Yesterday during QP, Liberal MP Geoff Regan stood and asked about the case of a Nova Scotia resident languishing in a Spanish prison. In response, Diane Ablonczy stood and outlined the government’s position on the repatriation of Omar Khadr. She later lamented for the House audio system.