George Brown College

George Brown Student Residence

George Brown opens first residence in former athlete’s village

The George had 1,200 applications for 500 beds

There’s a cooking-career gold mine in retirement homes

Discerning Boomers want better food, making institutional cooking an attractive alternative to the chaos of restaurant work
Audiology students

How a career in hearing loss can break Canada’s sound barrier

We highlight three college programs in audiology, sign language and the psychology of hearing

A tiny solution for a condo-sized problem

How a school helped a simple invention—one that improves air quality in apartments and condos—blossom

Teaching students to talk through touch

It takes a very special kind of student to work with the deaf and blind

How mixing and matching is making education more unique

Post-secondary education can be personalized, just like your playlist or your movies
Michele Simpson

Michele Simpson, 35, sells Toronto to the world

Travel and fine dining required (but it’s not all glamourous)
fashion ryerson 1

Canadian fashion schools on Top 50 list

Toronto, Montreal make Fashionista ranking
Missing image

Finding work: the missing link for university students

Universities aren’t doing much to help students plan careers
eating cinnamon

A $120k salary, a cheating professor & Jackasses at UBC

What students are talking about today (January 9th)