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Newsmakers of the week

Glenn Beck’s new shill, a star turn for a senator’s spouse, and an MP stands up for shark fin soup

Newsmakers: July 28-August 4

Sheila Copps stages a comeback, Glenn Beck hits a new low, and Britain’s Royal Rebel says ’I do’
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Beck compares Norwegian camp to “Hitler Youth”

Conservative talk show host offers his take on the Utoya island massacre

Glenn Beck to end his show (again)

The Fox show will end having lasted only a little longer than his CNN Headline News show
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This week: Newsmakers

Prince Andrew’s friends in all the wrong places, Natalie Portman just can’t win, and adios, Glenn Beck?
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The rabbis versus fox

A coalition of rabbis chastises the network for "unacceptable" references to Nazis and the Holocaust
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In Glenn we trust

Glenn Beck’s remarkable journey from radio blowhard to one of America’s most influential political figures
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What Stephen Harper has in common with Glenn Beck

Politics of venom: voter turnout is near historic lows, and the sniping is only going to get worse
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Arianna Huffington’s new gig, Knut the polar bear goes nutty, and a princess’s contentious walk down the aisle