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Office lights are on in banks as dawn breaks behind the financial district of Canary Wharf, in London

What’s the impact of Brexit on London?

The British capital’s status as pinstriped powerhouse is suddenly being called into question
Protest against the IMF/World Bank annual meetings in Lima

A world of economic hurt awaits Canada’s next government

The storm clouds gathering over the global economy will make it hard for the next government to deliver on its promises
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A monthly scorecard on the state of the economy in North America and beyond
A new model for dealing with collapse?

Iceland: a new model for dealing with collapse?

Thanks to unorthodox measures, the economy is bouncing back

Britain to the EU: I told you so

As they watch the debt crisis unfold, hardline Euroskeptics in Britain have never seemed so smug
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Global markets take big hit

Fears spread over possible euro zone recession