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Me too: It’s not just Hollywood, it’s Canada

Leah McLaren: This is not a witch hunt, it’s the truth. Sexual harassment is dangerous and ubiquitous in Canada and it’s not going away.
Alison Redford

Parsing the Alison Redford interview

Who’s the audience for Redford’s astonishing interview? Not the people of Alberta, writes Colby Cosh
Ipod f

There is an iPod tax after all

A CBSA lawyer warned the government was ’perpetuating a fraud’ with its denial
Too big to fail

Rob Ford. Unstoppable?

Rob Ford’s public soap opera is as convoluted as it is fascinating, but is there a finale in sight?
Jack Layton

The Globe thinks it’s too soon to give Jack Layton the honour of a movie

But it actually should have been a more political project

French newspapers v. Google

France threatens to take the Internet search giant to court over getting rich from revenue-starved media sites

The Wente scandal: a satisfactory resolution?

The Globe is giving us no practical indication whatsoever of how seriously it takes plagiarism

Margaret Wente, remix artist?

How the Internet first killed, then crowdsourced fact-checking

Why I’m happy making $36,000 (for now)

Inflated expectations, not paycheques, are the problem