Gordon Brown

Campaigners outside the polling station in Mount Florida district, Day of the Scottish independence referendum, Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday September 18th, 2014.

Scotland votes: What was vs. what might be

Paul Wells reports from Scotland that nobody has any clue what’s going to happen.
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Year in pictures - April

Maclean’s presents the best photos of 2010
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Brother vs. brother

David and Ed Miliband have been fighting for control of the Labour Party. One wants the party to keep reaching out. The other calls for a return to Labour’s socialist roots.
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Tony Blair interview: On the Iraq war, George W. Bush, his wife

And dealing with the royals after Diana died
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It’s Harper’s world now

After the G20, the PM’s reputation on the international stage is at least temporarily enhanced
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Ozzy Osbourne channels a Canadian farmer, M.I.A. feuds with the New York Times, and there’s a new Gadhafi in town