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Convocation from coast to coast

Life’s latest milestone has prompted plenty of awesome selfies and Tweets
Ben Buckley drawing

I have to pay what to graduate?!

Costs of convocation should be factored in from the start
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Colbert, Arianna & Michelle address Class of 2013

Words of wisdom for Generation Me
If I were giving the graduation speech…

If I were giving the graduation speech…

Barbara Amiel on what she would say to the Class of 2013
convocation speech graduation mortarbords

It’s convocation. Pass me a pillow.

Prof. Pettigrew on those boring graduation speeches
graduation Georgia Tech

Why you’ll never be an alumni

Prof. Pettigrew makes the case for proper usage
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Conan O’Brien’s commencement speech

Comedian says that dreams can change, but that’s OK
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McGuinty boasts rising graduation rates

Opposition cries grade inflation and slipping standards

Proud to be retail

Ambitious grads find big rewards—in between toys and housewares
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Transsexual graduate to get new diploma

Dutch university was following too strictly law against second diplomas